Friday, November 28, 2008

The Worldwide DEBT is the problem.

The Worldwide DEBT is the problem.

The best solution for the present economic crisis would be a REBOOT or restart of the entire debt system for the ENTIRE WORLD.

1. A data base listing ALL DEBT, government, business and personal needs to be created. The list would need to list the debt and debt holder with a bank that could make an accounting of the debt. Included would be all national debt of all nations, all mortgages car notes and credit cards for individuals. All outstanding bond and other debt for corporations, The idea is to list ALL DEBT of any kind owed.

2. Every government on the planet would need to call a special session of its legislature. Using the same authority that governments have to use or create FIAT CURRENCY the legislatures and Central Banks need to authorize the creation of ACCOUNT CREDIT in an amount equal to all the listed debts in the world.

3. The Various governments and Central Banking Systems then need to make an accounting change equal to the debt in the form of an ACCOUNT CREDIT or CREDIT zeroing out ALL THE DEBT in the entire world, and crediting all debt-holders in the world.

The following day the economy of the entire world would restart and the Stock Markets of the world would react to the new renewed capital in the banking systems, the Capital now available to restart all business and the disposable income to the individual people would restart and grow the retail sectors and the manufacturing sectors of the entire world.

Some have commented that if this was done in a very short time the exact problem would be repeated. My answer to this idea is history does recycle and repeat itself but some do learn and avoid making the same mistake. Europe learned after WWII and has avoided a major repeat for more than sixty years.

The other objection has been the possible inflation that would result would weaken the dollar. My answer to the weakened dollar is it may be a GOOD thing to help our ability to export manufactured products and also make our manufactured products more competitive in our own country. Jobs are needed for our own citizens especially the bottom forty percent.

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Jubilee Year said...

Excellent plan. The supposed objection, that it would need to happen again, is not really valid, because the banks are already being re-regulated, preventing the excess of leverage that caused our current crash.

Don Tveter said...

I just ran across your version of the Jubilee debt cancellation idea. I had that idea too and got it from the same source.

In the late 70s I ran across the Kondratieff wave idea from the simulations done by Jay Forrester at MIT. I've been waiting for the wave to hit, it is coming rather later than you'd expect. I started searching around the net to refresh myself with the details and I ran into where Albert Winkler does a very good job of explaining it and our current predicament. I told him about this idea too but I said I thought it was too simple and too radical and he agreed with me, the establishment will never accept it.

I think in addition to economic collapse we are looking at wars and rumors of wars and the Biblical end times.

Don Tveter,