Monday, September 22, 2008

The Wall Street BAILOUT and FreeTrade

Just watched a movie called Bordentown. It was about hundreds of Young Mexican women that are raped and murdered in a factory town there. The story was set with an American reporter from a large city newspaper covering the story. When she had finished the story the paper then refused to print the story because of a new NAFTA type deal coming up for Central America and the corporate owners did not want the bad publicity. They said in the movie the wage was $5.00 per day 12 hour day. The newspaper boss reminded the reporter that the news was Freetrade, Globalization and Entertainment. Fits does it not?

When will you Conservatives get it? Bush is not a Conservative he is a NEOCON, "NEW WORLD ORDER" GLOBALIST. The rest of the world defines that as a NEOLIBERAL, which means using the power of government to affect social and political change.

The damage to our nation being done now with this "no strings" bailout of the Wall Street to protect the base of the Republican party from the risk they should have to absorb is just amazing. It is still more amazing the refusal of otherwise conservative folks, to not see through this scam.

These folks paid taxes at a reduced rate (15 percent tops ) because they were supposedly exposed to risk. Now the crony companies are lining up to get these properties at fire sale prices. So here we go taxpayers buy the stuff and bail them out only to sell the same stuff to crony companies to resale at huge profits. Perfect plan for Wall Street bad for the rest of us.

I know I sometimes offend folks that believe themselves to be conservatives yet I believe them to be neocons. I have a hard time with unnecessary wars, trade deals that don’t protect our workers, and the often seemingly stacking of the deck against middle class , working class folks.

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